Learn Russian and enjoy the many attractions that Crimea has to offer!

Learn Russian

Dear Friend,

As my former students will attest, knowing how to speak Russian can open up a world of opportunities both professionally and personally.

Hi, my name is Vera Fedorovna, and I’ve been teaching Russian as a foreign language for most of my life. Without a doubt, the Russian Language Immersion Program in Crimea is one of the most innovative and successful programs with which I’ve ever been associated.

If you’d like to learn Russian from experienced instructors in a friendly atmosphere, then this program, which is part of the Culture & Language Center in Simferopol, is the perfect choice for you.

The benefits of learning Russian are innumerable. Once you’ve added Russian language proficiency to your resume, opportunities with government agencies as well as with multinational corporations and international organizations will open up just as they have for countless others. And, perhaps most importantly, you will have enriched your life.

Take a beginner’s course or hone your already acquired Russian language skills. The school offers unique and affordable programs for many levels of learners.

Intensity = Fun + Learning!

As a student of the Russian Language Immersion Program, you’ll experience two to five weeks (or more!) of intense language acquisition. The length of your stay is up to you.

Monday through Friday mornings, for 15–25 hours, you and your fellow students will meet with instructors. As you complete each lesson, your skill in using Russian in everyday situations will grow–and so will your confidence.

As a beginner, you’ll master the basics of the Russian language. As an intermediate or upper–level student, you’ll increase and polish your skills.

The course’s ultimate goal? To provide you with a solid foundation in Russian in the shortest time possible.

That does not mean, however, that your education will be cursory or incomplete. Quite the opposite, in fact. You’ll learn Russian across all four language skills–listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Small Groups

Our group courses have low student–teacher ratios–only three to four pupils per instructor. With classes that small, you’re sure to receive plenty of personal attention.

Private Instruction

What better way to learn Russian (or any language, for that matter) than through private, one–on–one instruction with a fluent, trained professional? Our individual courses, however, aren’t only private; they’re also tailor made. That is, our instructors customize courses to meet your specific needs.

Here’s how it works. Once you and your private tutor determine your specific goals for the course and establish your preferred instructional methods, you work together to develop a curriculum that meets those goals — and decide upon a pace that’s right for you.

With one–on–one private instruction, there’s no classroom competition and no anxiety in front of classmates. You’ll learn Russian your way, at your own speed.

Best Staff, Best Choice

Every one of our faculty members is highly trained and experienced, with either a Master’s degree or a PhD in Russian linguistics as well as many years of experience teaching Russian at leading universities in the Crimea. They also speak additional languages, including English, German and French.

Anyone who wants to learn Russian, from beginners to advanced students, will find a suitable course at our Language School. Study for one week or three months. You pick the course duration, the time of year and the level of proficiency you’re striving to attain, and our highly qualified language instructors provide you with the expert tuition you need.

Best Location

The charming and amiable atmosphere of Simferopol, where the Language Immersion Program is located, ideally matches the school’s spirit and aim. The capital of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Simferopol is a city that welcomes foreigners, as does the republic as a whole. You won’t feel out of place among our friendly residents, particularly after you’ve picked up a little Russian.

Additionally, the Russian spoken here is “classic”–the easiest and best, if I may say so, for anyone to learn. (For more details about the benefits of learning Russian in Simferopol, see “Why in Crimea?”)

I am biased, it’s true. I love this city and this republic in which I live and work, in part because I am certain your experience living and learning here will change your life–for the better.

If you have any questions about our program, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will happily discuss the details: curriculum, length of stay, cost, accommodations — whatever subject that is of concern.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Vera Fedorovna